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The Postal Museum

Business & Operational Planning

Lead attraction development consultant.

Business modelling and detailed operational plan. Space and capacity modelling; operational design. Ride design advice and planning advice for the underground train ride (Mail Rail).



Andrew J Potter

Principal consultant and founder (Andrew J Potter) has worked across many types of business’s including theme parks, observation wheels, museums, art and entertainment spaces as well as historic buildings and heritage based attractions.

Apart from working on iconic attractions such as the London Eye and the Shard he has more recently consulted for The Postal Museum which opened its doors in July 2017!

​He has trained as an engineer and holds an MBA from the London Business School.


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We offer a range of services across a number of sectors such as theme parks, museums, observation galleries, giant wheels, entertainment complexes, heritage and cultural attractions, as well as arts, media, sports and leisure centres.  The range of projects undertaken has included some of the following service areas

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Andrew J Potter


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